Welcome to our bio page! My love of whaleboats goes back many years. I have always loved small commercial work boats. Having lived on boats for many years, I would always watch the whaleboat rowers go out in the mornings and evenings. I would also see the Navy and Coast Guard motor whaleboats going about their business. I always wanted a motor whaleboat and from time-to-time I would see them listed for sale, but I never got up the nerve to buy one.

In 2008, I was looking through Craigslist and I stumbled upon an ad for an old motor whaleboat. I called the owner and made the deal. I did not tell my wife until the day before it arrived. This was done for my own safety, as she feels we already had enough boats. As any boat lover knows, this is an impossibility as you can never have enough boats. To my surprise, when it showed up in the driveway, she was thrilled! Okay, she wasn't thrilled, but she didn't dislike it.

After a few weeks of cleaning, I put it in the water. Since the boat was not in pristine shape and still needed much work, I thought the surrounding boaters would turn their noses up at the little whaleboat. To my surprise, everyone loved it and started asking me questions that I could not answer. There was so much enthusiasm for the boat that two friends from the Yacht Club purchased one also. That is a whole story in itself, just ask their wives!

We quickly went about looking for information about these boats. As we found out, there isn't much information out there. So we got together and decided to gather as much information as we could find to put this Web site together. We hope you like it! If you have any additional information, stories or experiences about whaleboats, please send it to us at: info@whaleboat.us , so we can share it with others on this site.


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