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1941 - United States Fleet reorganized, reviving Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.

1942 - USS Enterprise and Yorktown make first WW II air strike, Japanese Marshall Islands.

1955 - Operation Deep Freeze, a research task force, established in Antarctic.


1800 - USS Constellation (CAPT Thomas Truxtun) defeats la Vengeance.

1862 - USS Hartford, Capt David G. Farragut, departs Hampton Roads for Mississippi River campaign.


1801 - Senate approves peace treaty with France ending undeclared naval war that began 1798.

1917 - US severs diplomatic relations with Germany.


1779 - John Paul Jones takes command of Bonhomme Richard.

1959 - Keel laying of USS Enterprise, first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Newport News, VA.


1854 - Dedication of first chapel built on Navy property, Annapolis, MD.

1941 - Chief Nurse Marion B. Olds and Nurse Leona Jackson, Navy, arrive on Guam.

1971 -Moonwalk by CAPT Alan B. Shepherd, Jr. USN, Commander of Apollo 14 and CDR Edgar D. Mitchell, USN Lunar Module Pilot. During the 9 day mission, 94 lbs of lunar material was collected and Shepard became the first person to hit a golf ball on the moon. Recovery was by helicopter from USS New Orleans (LPH-11).


1862 - Union gunboat squadron captures Fort Henry, Tennessee River.

1922 - World powers sign the Washington Naval Treaty providing for limitation of naval armament.

1973 - In accordance with the agreement at the Paris Peace Talks, Navy Task Force 78 begins Operation End Sweep, the mine clearance of North Vietnamese waters of mines laid in 1972.


1800 - USS Essex becomes first U.S. Navy vessel to cross the Equator.

1815 - The Board of Naval Commissioners, a group of senior officers, is established to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Navy, under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy.

1955 - Seventh Fleet ships begin evacuation of Chinese nationalists from Tachen Islands.

1965 - In response to a Viet Cong attack on barracks area at Pleiku, South Vietnam, aircraft from carriers, USS Coral Sea, USS Hancock, and USS Ranger attack North Vietnamese area near Donghoi.


1862 - Joint amphibious force capture Roanoke Island, key to Albemarle Sound.

1890 - USS Omaha sailors and marines assist Hodogary, Japan in subduing large fire.


1799 - USS Constellation (CAPT Truxtun) captures French l'Insurgente.

1943 - Organized Japanese resistance on Guadalcanal ends.


1862 - Union gunboats destroy Confederate ships at Elizabeth City, NC.

1900 - Appointment of first naval governor of Guam, Commodore Seaton Schroder.

1960 - USS Sargo (SSN-583) surfaces at North Pole.


1862 - SecNav directs formation of organization to evaluate new inventions and technical. development which eventually led to National Academy of Science.

1971 - U.S. and USSR sign a treaty prohibiting the deployment of nuclear weapons on the ocean floor.


1945 - USS Batfish (SS-310) sinks second Japanese submarine within three days.

1947 - First launching of guided missile (Loon) from a submarine, USS Cusk.


1854 - Admiral Perry anchors off Yokosuka, Japan to receive Emperor's reply to treaty proposal.

1913 - Naval Radio Station, Arlington, VA begins operations.

1945 - First naval units enter Manila Bay since 1942.

1968 - Operation Coronado XI begins in Mekong Delta.


1778 - John Paul Jones in Ranger receives first official salute to U.S. Stars and Stripes flag by European country, at Quiberon, France.

1813 - Essex becomes first U.S. warship to round Cape Horn and enter the Pacific Ocean.

1814 - USS Constitution captures British Lovely Ann and Pictou.

1840 - Officers from USS Vincennes make first landing in Antarctica on floating ice.


1856 - USS Supply, commanded by LT David Dixon Porter, sails from Smyrna, Syria, bound for Indianola, Texas, with a load of 21 camels intended for experimental use in the American desert west of the Rockies.

1898 - U.S. battleship Maine blows up in Havana Harbor.


1804 - Lieutenant Stephen Decatur, with volunteers from frigate Constitution and schooner Enterprise, enters Tripoli harbor by night in the ketch Intrepid to burn the captured frigate Philadelphia. Decatur's raid succeeds without American losses. England's Lord Nelson calls this "the most daring act of the age".

1815 - USS Constitution captures British Susannah.

1967 - Operation River Raider begins in Mekong Delta.


1864 - Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sinks USS Housatonic.

1942 - First Construction Battalion (Seabees) arrive in Bora Bora.

1944 - Carrier aircraft strike Japanese fleet at Truk, sinking ships and destroying aircraft.


1846 - General order on Port and Starboard.

1944 - Amphibious Force under RADM Hill lands troops on Engebi Island, Eniwetok.

1955 - 1st of 14 detonations, Operation Teapot nuclear test.


1814 - USS Constitution captures British brig Catherine.

1945 - Marines with naval gunfire support land on Iwo Jima; island secured 16 March.


1815 - USS Constitution, under Captain Charles Stewart, captures HMS Cyane and sloop-of-war Levant.

1962 - Lt. Col. John Glenn, USMC becomes first American to orbit Earth. His flight in Friendship 7 (Mercury 6) consisted of 3 orbits in 88 minutes at a velocity of 17,544 mph with the highest altitude of 162.2 statute miles. Recovery was by USS Noa (DD-841).

1962 - USS Dixie (AD-14) rescues lone crewman aboard a sailing yawl adrift for four days.

1974 - S-3A Viking ASW aircraft (carrier jet) introduced officially, given to VS-41.


1944 - Marines with support of naval bombardment and carrier aircraft secure Eniwetok atoll.

1945 - USS Bismark Sea (CVE-95) struck by a kamikaze off Iwo Jima and sunk in 90 minutes with loss of 318 men. USS Saratoga (CV-3) struck by 5 kamikazes but survived with loss of 123. Bismark Sea was last carrier lost in combat during World War II.


1865 - RADM Porter's gunboats' bombardment cause surrender of Wilmington, NC.

1870 - After arriving on USS Nipsic, and supported by USS Guard and USS Nyack, the Darien Expedition, commanded by CDR Thomas O. Selfridge, Jr., begins active operations ashore at Caldonia Bay to survery the Isthmus of Darien, Panama, for an interoceanic ship canal.

1909 - Great White Fleet returns from round the world cruise to Hampton Roads, VA.

1943 - USS Iowa (BB-61), the lead ship of the last class of American fast battleships, is commissioned.

1974 - LTJG Barbara Ann Allen becomes first Navy designated female aviator.


1795 - U.S. Navy Office of Purveyor of Supplies is established. This is the Navy Supply Corps Birthday.

1919 - Launching of Osmond Ingram (DD-255), first Navy ship named for an enlisted man.

1944 - Carrier groups under Spruance attack Saipan, Tinian and Rota in the Marianas.

1945 - Marines and a Navy hospital corpsman raise flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima.


1813 - USS Hornet, Captain James Lawrence, captures HMS Peacock.

1968 - Task Force Clearwater established in I Corps.


1861 - Saratoga, member of U.S. African Squadron, captures slaver sloop Express.

1933 - Commissioning of USS Ranger, first true aircraft carrier.

1959 - USS Galveston fires first Talos surface-to-air missile.


1811 - Congress authorizes first naval hospital.

1913 - Approval of experimental wind tunnel for Navy.

1944 - Sue Sophia Dauser, Superintendent of the Navy's Nurse Corps is first woman in Navy to receive rank of Captain.


1942 - Battle of the Java Sea, Allied Naval Force attacks Japanese invasion convoy.

1973 - First airborne mine sweep in a live minefield took place in the Haiphong, Vietnam ship channel by helicopters from Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron Twelve on board USS New Orleans.


1844 - Explosion of Peacemaker, experimental 14 inch gun, on board USS Princeton.

1893 - Launching of USS Indiana (BB-1), first true battleship in U.S. Navy.

1959 - USS Strong rescues 13 Arab fishermen from Bahrain when their fishing boats floundered in a storm.

1980 - Blue crew of USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657) launches 4 Trident I (C-4) missiles in first C-4 Operational Test.

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